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Proper maintenance is crucial.
Doc and DPF replacement are very costly.

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We Are The Leading DPF Cleaning Services in the Industry

Clarity DPF Cleaning strives to achieve the highest level of customer service through knowledge, integrity and quality service to get you back on the road quickly.
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Pneumatic Cleaning
Doc is cleaned for free if cleaned with the DPF.
Thermal Cleaning
Doc is cleaned for free if cleaned with the DPF.
Evacuflush Chemical
Free Aqueous Flush
Doc is cleaned for free if cleaned with the DPF.
Our Services

Best Service, Right Time, Right People

Our cleaning process has proven to out-perform competitive DPF cleaning machines. With our comprehensive cleaning protocols
and attention to details and downtime. You will receive the best service every time.
Free Pick Up & Delivery

Filters will be quickly returned in 24 hours or less.

Professionally Cleaned

Professionally cleaned to OEM standards.

No Swap Outs

Receive your filter back every time.

Filter Maintenance

Filter maintenance can be tracked year after year.

Repair Minor Defects

Bungs can be repaired or replaced. Weld repair.

Environmentally Safe

We try to help companies stay green, minimizing negative impact.

Why choose us

Why choose Clarity DPF Cleaning Service?

The answer is easy. Clarity is entrusted by many companies as their preferred DPF cleaning service provider, giving you confidence in our process. We’ve built trusted relationships within the industry and with our customers by providing professionalism, fair pricing with genuine friendliness.